Daoist weekend and 9-days-retreat

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We invite you to a broad entry into daoist methods for healthcare!

Master Dr. Alejandro Penataro will travel to us from Taiwan specially to make this course possible.

Both courses are suitable for individuals who wish to enhance their life quality, as well as for therapists who aim to deepen their understanding of the principles of Health.

Main contents are:

23.-24. June 2018


  • first part of the Qigong exercise „The play of the five animals“
  • Introduction into Bazi Suanming – personality analysis to understand one´s individual talents and skills
  • Daoist meditation and breathing techniques
  • The experience of outer Alchemy – the passive intake of Qi and the regeneration of the nervous system

25. June – 1. July

The weekend before serves as an introduction and is part of the retreat. The level of the daoist training in the following 7 days goes from beginner to advanced.

  • Learn the whole Qigong exercise„The play of the five animals“
  • Deepening of the meditations and the Bazi Suanming analysis
  • Experience and strengthen the inner Qi-flow
  • Methods to intake Qi from the surrounding nature
  • Methods to clean and stabilize the Aura
  • The experience of Health as a natural force and the beginning of a communication with it
  • The experience of stillness as the foundation of regeneration
  • The experience of connectedness
  • Daily application of outer Alchemy for passive intake of Qi – about two hours each day
  • Activation of self-healing and regeneration processes
  • Introduction into the Qimen Dunjia method „Qi-Pearl“
    • The intake of natural Qi from the surrounding nature to
      increase wealth und well-being
    • release individual blockades
    • initiate love and harmony in personal situations
    • support personal goals and projects
    • gain inspiration for exploring new ways in life
    • support health
    • individual selection of a Qi-Pearl program for one month

Main focus of the Qigong exercise „The play of the five animals“:
classic effects are:

  • stretchingIMG_0101
  • massage of the inner organs
  • improvement of coordination and balance
  • improvement of concentration
  • detox
  • centering

Specific effects of this Qigong exercise:

  • part 1: To let Qi flow into the mailuo qi vessels and to regulate the sanjiao three burners
  • part 2: To relax the inner organs Zangfu 臟腑 and fill them with Qi: 5 depots (Heart, Liver, Bladder, Lungs and Kidneys) and 6 palaces (small/large Intestine, stomach, gallbladder, urinary bladder and triple burner)
  • part 3: To strengthen the lungs, regulate the intestines, release stagnation in bladder or stomach, support clearance
  • part 4: Regulation of sanjiao, stomach, spleen. Movement of the zangfu and the joints
  • part 5: Harmonization of Heart and kidneys, fire and water; union of Jing and Qi. Strengthen Mingmen fire.
  • part 6: Relax the 12 Jingjin 經筋 joint vessels
  • part 7: Bring Qi to the 12 vessels and fill the 6 vacuities
  • part 8: the collection of Qi in the lower Dantian

The weekend is a wonderful opportunity to meet the master, to explore Daoist methods and to get insight into one´s own individual potential.

The whole retreat is a great chance to, without any prior experience, acquire great skills that help to recalibrate the own life in a beautiful way.

  • where: Praxis Berner – Nerotal 12 – 65193 Wiesbaden
  • costs:
    • the weekend: € 400,-
    • the 9-day-retreat: € 1800,-The number of participants is limited to 12 students.
      Early bird: book and pay until the 1.5.18 and you get a 10% discount!

Book early as the number of places is limited! First come, first serve!


Geschrieben von Oliver Berner


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