Advanced Daoist Alchemy Retreat & Advanced Techniques – Fa-qimen Course

Dr. Alejandro Peñataro Sánchez
Institute of Daoist Management and Consulting – Daomac ®
Taipei, Taiwan


This Advanced Daoist Alchemy Retreat is conceived in two parts: the first four days are a continuation of the basic daoist Alchemy Retreat as a consolidation of our energetic formation in order to be able to achieve the levels required in the Fa-qimen practices of our course. The fifth day is dedicated explicitly to the writing of daoist Talismans.

Enrolling this course requires first that one have learnt the five animals at the basic level our Daoyin practices導引: in the present course we will go through the form and we will check the different possible difficulties of the students, as well as we will seek out for corrections when needed. After that we will accomplish with the final alchemical practice of the Shougong 收功 the so-called „gathering (the Qi) practices“.

Our practices will be reinforced by the application of our Bone Marrow Daoist Outer Alchemy. In the basic retreat the whole body application is needed in order to open the energetic field and prepare it to the active work with the Qi. Different from the first retreat here will be the specific local application in the different parts of the body required for the optimization of the practice instead of the whole body retreat. Be aware that this second retreat is more active that the first one, the goal is to activate and reinforce the personal powers needed in the Fa-qimen practices.

Moreover, outer alchemy will be used in our daoist meditation practices Jingzuo 靜坐and the Jinggong 靜 education of the movement (of Qi) on quietness. At this layer we will come to practice meditations with stronger effects in regulation of the body, healing and protection. In the first course we had meditations with the main references of personal awareness, experience and development. Here in this second course the focus is going to be conduced towards perception and active work with different types of energetic essences. Connection and canalisation is one of the focus at this layer of work, because it is the base of the Fa-qimen practices. Special dedication will be concentrated in the active use of arms and hands: we will have the Qi-gong practices of exchanging Qi with the trees and using our hands as energetic scan for Qi-Fields. According to the level of the group achieved during the days we may come also to practice the Maoshan Techniques of Spontaneous Qi-Gong in the field of the group.

The Fifth Day will be exclusively dedicated to the creation of the daoist Talismans, so that after that all necessary practices and knowledge have been dealt and you can be ready to apply Fa-qimen.

Please remember to train with diligence this year and prepare yourself to achieve the aimed level of work, because only you are the one that sets the tempo in your learning and achievement: this will be also the mass of success that you may achieve in the use of the Fa-qimen techniques. The concentration of hard work in our retreats needs your fully awareness for being receptive and reach as much as you can from your potentials.

Therefore, get inspired, get your focus and go for that!




Praxis Berner / KahunaDAO
Nerotal 12, 65193 Wiesbaden, Germany

Rough Daily Schedule and Timetable

  • 10:30-12.00 Daoyin & Gusui liandan: The play of the Five Animals and Outer Alchemy Cream
  • 12.00-12:15 Short Break
  • 12.15-14.00 Advanced Meditations / Qi-gong
  • Lunch Break
  • 15.30-16.45 Advanced Meditations / Qi-gong
  • 16.45-17.00 Short Break
  • 17.15- 18.30 Daoyin: The play of the Five Animals

Price of the Course:

1.400 € (Taxes Included) – you will get 10% off by signing in here at KahunaDAO.

Course Registration:

Due to the limited number of students in each group, and considering the long distance travelling for the Master, a binding reservation is required. A successful registration is achieved after payment of a reservation fee or full-payment of the whole price of the course.

Please note that these fees will only be refundable in case of cancelation of the course. Only by advanced full payment of the course, in the case of a student’s joining the presence course being impossible, will the student keep the right to join the next course in that country or exchange this for other services at Ailong Global trade Co. Ltd. in the same value of the amount paid.

Book now for 1260 € by contacting Oliver Berner

The Narrative: Further Impressions on Daoist Alchemy

Below you will find further useful Information to give you a closer view of what exactly “Daoist Alchemy” is, and what you can experience when you join our seminar.

Only a few of these Daoist Alchemical Traditions came to Taiwan 300 years ago, so that they survived the Chinese Cultural Revolution and can therefore still be found in the present day. Thanks to Master Li Gongming, head of the Maoshan Daoist Alchemy Lineage 道家茅山丹道 from Taiwan, through Daomac we have access to this valuable knowledge and reliable sources for the recipes.

The Main focus in Daoist Alchemy

One step further beyond the basic idea of the proper flow and nourishment of Life by this Qi, is the idea of keeping “(vital) essences” jing 精 and having strong bones for longevity and well-being.

The preservation of the essences could be described as the “Reserves of vital-strength” for your Lifetime. This Vital-Essence Jing could be imagined as a kind of Qi that we have stored in our body, and it is at our disposal to be used; normally after we use it up, we pass away. One kind of these essences is the Bone Marrow.

Picture from the book „Illustrations of the Inner and Outer Alchemy“

The relevance of bones and the bone marrow in our lives according to daoist conceptions is quite high. For example, in Fengshui, an important concept is that the influence of the bones of our ancestors continues for over 100 years in later generations. In our modern world it still seems to be quite far to trace a connection of any mutual influence or resonance between living persons, their DNA heritage transmission and the Carbon-14 radiation of the bones of their grandparents. On the other hand, we see nowadays that nobody doubts the impressive effects of the use of stem cells, in most cases extracted from the bone marrow.

Daoist Alchemists have remarked on the role of bone strength since Laozi’s words 2500 years ago, around the end of the 5th Century BC:

“to weaken the will and strengthen the bones”

ruoqizhi qiangzhigu 弱 其 志 強 其 骨

Therefore Daoist Alchemy sets one of its focuses on increasing these Vital-Essence Jing and the bone marrow, as well as in strengthening the bones. This process of nourishment can be best achieved through the use of natural substances in specific preparations, the so-called Outer Alchemy.

When certain relaxing exercises are combined with this Vital Breath Qi, the effects are quite impressive.

Furthermore, beyond its use for well-being, Taiwanese daoist masters nowadays successfully apply these practices and recipes in degenerative or chronic pathological cases. Many experts compare results of these practices with those of stem cells, and describe Daoist Alchemy as a more natural form of filling up the potentials of the body.

Daoist Alchemy Retreat

In our proposal for this seminar we concentrate on the experience of two special recipes of Outer Alchemy. This will also be accompanied by the different exercises of Inner Alchemy in order to open the awareness and establish the base of the work with Qi.

The first of the recipes is in the form of a balsam to be applied on the body, the second is a glue-paste for eating or drinking, dissolved in water or alcohol.

Alchemy Qi-Pearl – Massage Balm

The recipe of this balsam remains secret, however we do know that it needs 100 Kg. of Chinese medical herbal substances to produce 400gr. of this balsam. Furthermore, the process requires 20 years to achieve the maximal quality and effects. The main aim of the recipe and its selected substances is the strengthening of the bone and bone marrow in order to increase their potentials and boost well-being states. Only such concentrated Qi-potentials can be the real Qi-pearl of Daoist Alchemy.

The specialist daoist Master Niu Fadan牛法丹who produces this balm describes in simple words that “one of the special issues here is that the substances over the procedure of these 20 years achieve the potentials of the sun light. After that when it is used it activates in our body the potentials of our bones and bone marrows. Here with it will be tied the potentials of absorbing and using this sunlight, so that our body irradiates more light. ”

Alchemy Qi-Pearl 400gr.

He describes further that unhealthy states according to daoist conceptions in the form of accumulated Qi-blockages in body, mind or soul, all show a resonance to the breakthrough potential of this balm. A kind of awakening of one’s own body’s potentials arises and can be cultivated. The unique potential of this balm relies on the fact that it is the only one that can supplement and drain at the same time.

In this course we will apply the balm in specific areas and acupuncture points, so that the effects can be felt throughout the body. The experience of this balm spread all over the body, is a kind of unique experience that gives a feeling of a body retreat. A Daoist Alchemical body retreat.

Alchemy Immortals Essence

This originally medical tradition came with the Qing Dynasty to Taiwan and has been there for over 300 years. The former holder has been Grand Master Hu Changshi 胡昌識 (now 103 years old), who transmitted it to Master Chen Jinglong陳景龍 .

The main aim of the Glue-Essence is the strengthening of the bone and the bone marrow, a second focus for support of the main organs according to classical Chinese conceptions of the body.

In this case the Glue-Essence will be cooked in a series of processes over 7 days. Two soups of herbs and bones will be mixed together in the next step of elaboration. A total of 47 different Chinese Medical Substances are used in this Alchemical recipe, and each of these substances fulfils one function. Altogether the descriptions of these substances cover many different aspects of support of the body:

益腎,yì shèn, tonify the kidney; 健骨,jiàn gǔ, fortify the bones; 補血,bǔxuè, supplement the blood; 補腎,bǔ shèn ,supplement the kidney; 補精,bǔ jīng ,supplement essence; 生精,shēng jīng ,engender essence; 強筋骨,qiáng jīn gǔ ,strengthen sinew and bone; 固脾胃,gù pí wèi ,secure spleen and stomach, 補肝腎,bǔ gān shèn , supplement the liver and kidney; and many, many more.

The result is indeed a powerful Glue-Essence, which will be called Immortals Essence.

And this will be presented in edible form, or prepared with warm water, or in alcohol, and can also be used as a base for cooking.

In the course we will have the chance to try this Essence in its different forms.

A brief Impression of the Origins of Daoist Alchemy

Since the beginning of time, humans have always sought to achieve a key to immortality. In this quest for being immortal, in most cases what has been achieved are formulas for longevity. So it has been in the Chinese tradition as well. Toward this end, they created the concept of Alchemy liandan 煉丹. This concept was at that time the same as in western traditions, referring to the transformation of cinnabar dan丹 into gold. In this context, immortality came to be like the process of achieving “Gold” in one’s own bodily person.

In the Chinese traditional conception of the body, there are three so-called cinnabar fields dantian 丹田in the body. Within the daoist traditions, the conscious work with the vital breath into alchemical processes, qi炁, enables the path to immortality.

Chinese described two ways of achieving immortality, the Inner Alchemy neidan 內丹and the Outer Alchemy waidan外丹 :

The Inner Alchemy concerns the awareness and training of the Qi in one’s own body, so that the proper Qi nourishment of the body can be achieved.

Besides the Alchemical aspects daoyin focuses on the activation of the movement of qi through the vessels of whole body and to supply correctly the zangfu 臟腑 inner organs.

Outer Alchemy refers to the study of nature and the substances around us, so that their effects can be applied for our well-being. This knowledge requires a rather large process of time and dedication. Normally Outer Alchemy refers to a specific study of Chinese medical substances and recipes, so that the most famous Alchemists were certainly excellent Chinese physicians too. This is the case of Tao Hongjing陶弘景, one of the most relevant figures of intellectual, scientific, and religious history of China. He combined faith and technology, was the founder of critical pharmacology and is considered to be the “greatest alchemist” par excellence. He was the head of the Maoshan Daoist Lineage for decades during the end of the 5th and beginning of the 6th century AD.

The official knowledge has been transmitted in the books, however the practice of both Outer and Inner Alchemy has normally only been given from master to student. Thanks to the present living traditions in Taiwan and the current Head of the Maoshan Lineage Master Li Gongming, we have access to its reality in the present day.

You can have more information from our video-presentation:


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